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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share my inspiration behind Details and Swirls. Now you may think I created Details and Swirls after I developed a love for calligraphy and writing while planning my wedding. This is true, but my actual inspiration came from a tiny piece of notebook paper from 2010.

How does a tiny scrap of paper inspire a hand-lettering design business? Well here is the story.

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Nine years ago tomorrow, my now husband Joey asked me to be his girlfriend, how crazy is that?! I was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school. From Valentine’s Day of 2010 forward, we never once doubted we would be together forever (cheesy but true!). When Joey and I were in high school, we would write notes back and forth to each other between classes as typical high school couples do. Joey

ended up leaving my high school to attend a prep school the following year, and we continued to send letters back and forth to each other.

Fast forward about seven years after we got engaged, we decided to go back through all of our old notes. While we sat there crying laughing at how silly we were, we thought how special it would be to incorporate these memories from our early dating years into our

wedding day.

Now we did not want to include all of our notes, but there was one little note that stood out from all of the others. We found a note I wrote to Joey on my notebook paper in September 2010 (almost 8 years from the exact date of our wedding) saying, “we're gonna get married”. We read this note and thought wow, we even knew eight years ago that we would be getting married! (Well, I guess every high school couple thinks this, but it actually happened!). Right after finding this note, we knew we had to incorporate it somehow into our wedding day.

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So how was I going to display this 2-inch, worn down, notebook paper note at our wedding? I thought maybe I could put it in a frame, but the frame would be too small to notice. Then I thought, well what about putting it in the center of a large glass frame, so the small note could be the focal point in the center with a large open pane of glass surrounding it.

Then it hit me.

I could WRITE in the calligraphy I had been practicing all around the note in the open glass area! Once I came up with this idea, I started drafting sketches of what I envisioned and my first sign idea was born. I drafted design after design and landed on framing the note in the center of a chalkboard and writing my favorite quote all around it. I completed my first sign for our wedding and it was even more beautiful than I imagined. We placed the sign at the entrance to our tented reception and it was my favorite décor piece at our wedding.

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Massart Photography

You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well in this case, a sign is worth a thousand words. One look at this sign wrapped up our entire relationship from the innocent note passing days in high school dreaming of a future together, to the day we actually started our life together. After creating this sign, I went on to make all other hand-lettered calligraphy pieces for our wedding. I fell in love with calligraphy and creating, and so began Details and Swirls!

I do not just make pretty calligraphy pieces, I help tell a couples’ story and bring to life the two people who are getting married. I love what I do because unlike traditional décor, hand-lettered design can be customized in so many different ways to showcase a couples’ personality and relationship. It is the special pieces like these that add so much love and depth to a wedding day, and I cannot wait to create more sentimental pieces for all of my future couples.

Happy Valentine's Day my loves!

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xoxo, Danielle

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