3 Tips to Perfecting Wedding Details

In a world of a thousand wedding inspiration instagram accounts, never ending pinterest feeds, and endless wedding content, it seems impossible to string together ideas to create a cohesive wedding theme. With all of the inspiring ideas and content on social media, how does one seamlessly pull together all of the wedding details to create something beautiful? I have three tips to help perfect those wedding details and create seamless and beautiful decor!

Tip #1: Choose a metal

My first tip is to start by choosing a metal. If you do not know what I mean by this, I want you to think about adding a type of metallic color like silver, gold, rose gold, etc!

Even if you do not have a metal currently incorporated in your color scheme, choose one! Metal is consistent throughout the entire wedding day. Without even realizing it, many aspects of the wedding day include a metal. Think the script on invitations, the flatware at the reception, even the easels holding decor during cocktail hour! Your metal color can show up in your linens, dinnerware, and various decor items! Having a consistent metal will help bring awareness to the detail, and wrap all of the details into one cohesive unit.

(Shown Above: Acrylic Table Numbers // Gold Acrylic Place Cards)

Tip #2: Choose a medium

My next tip is to choose a medium. Now what do I mean when I say medium? Basically choose a material or surface like acrylic, wood, mirrors, etc., to work with throughout all of your details. When choosing a medium, keep in mind the theme of your wedding. For instance, if your theme is more rustic, think of choosing wood as your medium, but if the theme of your wedding is more romantic and traditional, maybe mirrors or frames would be a better fit.

Now you may think a medium is only limited to signs, but this is not true! Your medium can come into play during all aspects of planning. For instance, if you are having floral centerpieces, think of your medium when picking out your vases. Mercury glass vases to tie in the mirrored look, clear sleek vases to match acrylic, and so on. Having a medium helps keep details consistent and looking seamless throughout the day!

Tip #3: Mixing metals and mediums

Once you have chosen a metal and a medium, it is time to start mixing! Start by mixing in mediums, but keeping your metal consistent throughout. For instance, if you choose gold as your metal and your medium is acrylic, try mixing in different mediums with gold frames. For another example, if your medium is wood, try mixing in wood framed acrylic or even wood framed mirrors! Again, try thinking outside the box when it comes to mixing. Think of the different stands you are using for your decor. If you want some acrylic signs, but your main medium is wood, use wooden stands! If you have acrylic signs but want to incorporate your metal, use gold easels!

Mixing these aspects is really where the magic happens when it comes to wedding details. The options are endless when it comes to mixing, but remembering your metal and main medium when choosing what to mix will help all of your details tie in together and look beautiful! I hope these three tips helped you navigate those overwhelming wedding details. Happy planning!

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