As long as I can remember I have been in love with creating. From making personalized bows for my high school gymnastics team, to painting delicate nail art for every occasion, to creating home décor arrangements, I have always found inspiration in creating details. In addition to my love of creating, I have always had a love for wedding design, so when I got engaged I knew I wanted to focus on all of the details to create something magical! I began dreaming up details and all of my thoughts circled back to calligraphy. I started teaching myself calligraphy as I designed my bridesmaids’ proposal boxes, which then led to calligraphy on cards, hangers, and glasses, which finally led to painting calligraphy on signage for my wedding. I created an assortment of signs to perfectly tie together the decorative details of our wedding!


I am now married to my sweet husband and I want to continue creating beautiful details with calligraphy. I offer items from weddings to home decor!

Please visit my rental services to browse the weddings pieces available for rent, as well as my shop to browse all this wedding, home, and more!

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